Choosing Homelessness?

In my post those experiencing homelessness, I addressed the need to treat those experiencing homelessness as individuals. Individuals with sufficient cognitive ability, however, can decide either to accept or resist assistance. Mental health professionals and volunteers struggle with the fact everyday. As a result I often hear phrases like “we can’t help someone who doesn’t want help.” That’s true, and given the limited resources, time, and energy of those trying to help, this approach is completely understandable and expected. Especially … read more

Costa Mesa Supportive Homeless Housing is a Conservative Solution

We are so fortunate to live in a community where residents see a problem, and actually work to fix it. Our local churches and non-profit organizations, for instance, are doing some wonderful things in the area of homelessness. As a member of the Costa Mesa Street Team, and an active participant in Trellis, I’ve had the opportunity to be apart of many of them. None of this amazing work, however, can replace the need for housing. Most urgently, the need … read more

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